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New at Grattex:

Again, Grattex remains true to its motto and is always one step ahead

In January 2012, members of the company management decided to build a new annex to the present buildings. Over time, Grattex won some autonomy in order to reduce its production costs. There remained at to date step in the manufacture which still required the intervention of a subcontract.

Shareholders together with two staff members, Martin Vallière and Louis Martin Béland, decided to create his own company sandblasting and industrial painting baked.

The majority of the investment needed to create this company were brought by shareholders in order to become fully autonomous. This will allow Grattex to reduce manufacturing costs, delivery times and above all offer to provide a final product whose quality is entirely under the control of the company.

Jet Peint, Grattex affiliate, will offer an additional service to businesses and individuals such as:

  • Sandblasting
  • Industrial paint baked
  • Cold galvanizing.
  • Mobile unit (coming soon)

Feel free to contact us for more information.

By phone: 819 228 8555 - 1 888 472 8839

Co-owner: Louis Béland: 819 269 6320   -
               Martin Valière: 819 228 8555  -



Why Choose a product Grattex ?

Grattex materials have a multitude of qualities that justifies the choice of the customer to acquire a product from our company.

  • The company has complete autonomy of manufacturing which enables it to significantly reduce lead times and manufacturing costs.
  • All items are designed and manufactured by Grattex.
  • Grattex has a highly qualified staff, 100% implicated in the operation of the company.
  • The company has a working tool always at the forefront of technology and is constantly evolving.
  • The new after sales service of Grattex is incomparable. We are the only one currently providing a spare parts service open 7 / 7 days 8 to 9:00 p.m..
  • We are also the only one offering one of our models to test or during repair (for a major breakdown)
  • Grattex respects and implements high manufacturing standards unlike some competitors and imitators.
  • The company devotes a substantial budget in research and development to improve their models or in the design of new equipment in various domains.


Our snow plows are differentiated by:

  • The use of quality materials such as:

            - Steel support structure for the 44N
            - Steel QT-400 for knives (steel with high hardness
              abrasion resistant and impact, with a perfect
              dimensional stability).

  • Their strength to weight ratio. All our Plows have been redesigned for the only goal to reduce 8 to 10% of the weight without reducing strength.
  • The blade system triggers that increases performance and reduces the lost of time.
  • Reversibility of knives that greatly reduces maintenance costs
  • The inclination of the blades to 5° reduces vibration and noise.
  • Side skates with spring system (optional) allow constant contact with the surface of snow removal.
  • Adjustable plate system (optional) which allows adjustment of the equipment for all types of hydraulic lift.
  • A central pivot system (optional) that allows the plow to follow uneven ground.
  • Angulation system that allows a longitudinal rotation of the material.
  • Snow guards included as standard.
  • Hydraulic hoses made ​​directly at the factory.
  • Corrosion resistance, we are probably the only manufacturer to use this process which is relatively expensive. All our Plows are sand blasted with grip of steel before applying a primer and a powder paint baked which gives it a very high resistance to corrosion.
  • Significant time savings in snow removal work, our technology can increase productivity by 30 to 50%.


All our products can be purchased directly at the factory except for the territories covered by our dealers. To see the list of our dealers click here.


Feel free to contact us for more information Grattex 1888 (472-8839)